Working with consultants and writing RFIs

A project manager of a general contractor needs to have a working relationship with structural engineer and architect of the project. This is very important to run the project effectively and amoothly for all parties involved. For example, in almost all project specifications, it is stated that the consultants have 15 days to answer an […]

Final Clean Up

For building construction or any commercial construction such as offices or any other building, you will need to hire a final cleanup company that specializes in this and does this efficiently before turning your job over to the owner. There are several points you should pay attention to: In your contract with them, require them […]

Writing and updating meeting minutes

Most large companies have established procedures when it comes to organizing and constructing meetings during a project, and also when updating and distributing meeting minutes. Although this may seem like an administrative task, the running of the meeting and taking proper notes and updating the meeting minutes is usually not the job of the project […]

Setting up your jobsite trailer

In order to run the operations properly from the construction site, you will need to have a temporary office at the jobsite most often times. This is not usually as straightforward as it seems. You need to setup the temporary electricity, water, internet, even toilets and of course your trailer. All these items need time […]