Coordinating mobilization of trades at jobsite and access

As part of construction means and methods and how you will execute your project, mobilization of a trade must be taken into account for any trade that will stay in your jobsite for more than a couple days in general. This means almost all trades and therefore it is a task that requires good communication and coordination. Again, this is a means and methods that completely belong to the contractor.

Make sure that in your site you have enough staging, unloading and access area and coordinate locations of those. Temporary installations, such as scaffoldings are another major issue to be considered.

One of the most important items is the rigging plan if you have cranes on your project. The rigging plan must include the crane radii and locations with respect to the proposed or existing structures. It is a good idea to consult with the crane supplier when drawing this, because he can easily spot your assumptions that may not work well.

Another very important item is the underground utilities. Not only the opening of trenches and closing them will affect almost everything at the jobsite, in some instances, the loading over the installed pipes due to heavy construction equipment may also be an issue and in rare cases temporary structures may need to be installed to protect these utilities. Temporary water and power must also be well coordinated and it must also be kept in mind that as the construction progresses, their locations may need to be changed.

In tight conditions or large projects, site coordination drawing will be necessary which will also need to show a time based access plan. The important thing is to start with the first plan. After that, the time based plans, especially the ones that will take place after long way down the project can be finalized later.

The site superintendent, who reports to the project manager, comes up with this plan because ultimately he is going to be the one who is going to work with this. The plan must have input from al stakeholders ultimately, including consultants, the owner and all trades affected by it. The project manager must coordinate all this effort.

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