Retaining Walls, Stabilized Slopes, Excavations

In the next few posts, we will take a look at: Structures that are made to overcome elevations differences between two adjacent areas, which are called retaining structures, The methods to stabilize slopes (we had discussed the slope stabilization subject before here, as far as the basic theory behind it), Deep excavations, that need special […]

Retaining Structures

Retaining structures, most often called as retaining walls, are made to maintain difference of surface elevation between two sides of the wall, by restraining a certain material on the higher side, so that it does not fall over or slide to the lower side. We see retaining structures everywhere. They can be used to retain […]

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is treating the subgrade material or subbase of a road so that it’s properties are improved. The improved properties are the ones we talked about in the previous section, ground improvement. The difference between soil stabilization and ground improvement is that soil stabilization deals with only improving characteristics of a subbase that will […]

Foundation strengthening and repair methods (Underpinning)

Underpinning methods do not treat the soil, but instead treat an existing foundation, either by modifying or repairing the foundation or by making additions or connections to a foundation. It is done in order to improve the foundation’s load carrying capacity, and transmitting foundation loads to an adequately strong soil layer. So, for existing structures, […]

Various ground improvement techniques

Without being too detailed, we will now list ground improvement and foundation improvement /repair techniques other than grouting and compaction below. Injection Systems: various aqueous solutions are injected into the ground, for treatment of collapsible and expansive soils, railroad subgrades, certain slopes. Rigid Inclusions: involves transferring of loads from weak to firm soil by using […]

Soil Compaction Methods

Compaction is reducing the soil volume, to make it denser and stronger and also less permeable. Compaction of soils can be done by heavy construction equipment, that use different methods to compact the soil. One method is to keep dropping a heavy weight from a certain height, over the entire intended foundation area. So to […]

Grouting Methods

There are different methods for grouting, and together they make up for a considerable part of ground improvement and/or existing foundation strengthening methods overall. A particle or chemical based grout usually with additives is injected into the soil with different placement techniques. The additives include lime, portland cement, fly ash, bitumen or their combinations. Grouting […]

Ground Improvement & Foundation Repair

At the start of a project, if weak soils are encountered on site, one solution is to make deep foundations. Another remedy in this case is to improve the properties of that soil so that it will become denser, stronger and more stable. There are many ground improvement methods available, but the first thing done […]

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