Sample schedule for bathroom or restroom renovation

A typical schedule for a bathroom or restroom renovation project might be as follows. The durations and activities and sequencing can vary according to size of the project and specific project circumstances. But overall, the activities and sequencing can be as follows.

Patch existing floor to accept new flooring 3d

Infill slab at removed toilet waste and supply plumbing 1d

Infill slab at shower floor 1d

Install plumbing drains 1

Reglaze windows with double glazing 2

Repair damaged partitions due to tile removal 3d

Install metal studs for gypsum board ceiling at shower 1d

Install gypboard at shower ceiling 1d

Install new plumbing chase partitions framing 2d

Install plumbing lines 3d

Install new radiator enclosures 1d

Install blockings 2d

Install electrical conduits at walls 3d

Install water resistant gyp board 1d

Install new plumbing chase partitions gyp board and tape 3d

Waterproof at slab and at 18\”\” up the walls\” 3d

Install waterproofing membrane at walls, ceiling and floor of the shower\” 2d

Seal around pipe and duct penetrations 1d

Install Ceramic Tile at Floors and CT cove base 7d

Install marble door threshold 1d

Install Ceramic Tile at Walls 10d

Paint gwb shower ceiling 2d

Install millwork 5d

Install plumbing fixtures 3d

Install toilet partitions and accessories 4d

Caulking 1d

Install HVAC ducts 2d

Install FA system conduits 2d

Install electrical conduits at ceiling 3d

Install ceiling grid 2d

Install light fixtures 2d

Install HVAC grilles 1d

Install ceiling access panels 2d

Install Ceiling Panels 1d

Install new HM doors and hardware 1d

Install outlets, thermostats, switches and speakers 2d

Install FA system devices 2d

Install lockers 3d

Install new roof curb for exhaust fan 2d

Repair roof membrane and insulation 2d

Install roof exhaust fan 2d

Make MEP connections 2d

Air balancing 1d

Testing of MEP 3d

Punchlist 10d

Signoffs 5d

Demobilization 1d


Submittals during restroom or bathroom renovation:

When renovating a bathroom, a typical set of items to submit for approval will include: Ceramic Tile, Toilet Accessories, Plumbing Fixtures, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Light Fixtures, Lockers, Waterproofing, Ceiling System, Ceiling MEP Coordination drawings. You must consider the appropriate lead times for applicable items in this list too, in order to ensure that they will be delivered timely to your site.

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