Geotechnical Engineering

Types of Piles

Now we will list the most frequently encountered types of piles. Note that almost all pile types we will mention below…

Pile Groups

Piles are often times combined into groups, by connecting them with pile caps at their top. When grouped, piles act differently…

Pile Capacity

Vertical downwards loads (Compression): Pile carrying capacity for vertical downward loads, comes from two things: The frictional resistance over their side…

Shallow foundations

Design: Shallow foundations are used where the soil has enough bearing capacity and shear strength (in other words strong enough) at…


In the previous posts we introduced earth materials from a civil engineering point of view and gave an overview of soil…

Structural Engineering

Construction trades

Earthwork Equipment

Earth moving equipment names can easily be confused with each other, so let’s briefly list and describe them here: Dozers: Dozers are general use, probably the most basic…

Construction Execution

Final Clean Up

For building construction or any commercial construction such as offices or any other building, you will need to…

  • Project Management
  • Airports
  • Planning, Control, Schedules
  • Construction Equipment
  • Masonry

Structural Steel



Initiation, Contracts