Final Clean Up

For building construction or any commercial construction such as offices or any other building, you will need to hire a final cleanup company that specializes in this and does this efficiently before turning your job over to the owner. There are several points you should pay attention to:

In your contract with them, require them to get signoff from you or a representative of your company for every area. State in your contract that they will need to clean the area to your satisfaction to get a signoff or the job will be considered not complete. No damage to any caulking material must occur. No razor blades or abrasive pads on glass or metal surfaces should be allowed. They must not leave any bleach marks on carpet. Specify where they will get the temporary water and power for cleaning clearly. Make a note that they are considered to have visited the job and no claims will be valid after starting their work if they say they did not know about an area etc… How the materials will be disposed must also be clarified, because sometimes the plumbing may be incomplete in cleaned areas. And finally in their contract state clearly which exact locations they are supposed to clean. Be detailed. Don’t assume anything. Final clean up may look like a small item, but if it delays the acceptance of the project, it can cause extra time and money.

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