Strut and Tie Method

This is a very useful method, which is also allowed by AASHTO or bridges and ACI 318 when designing concrete bridge and building structures respectively. By making use of this method, the stresses especially in members such as deep beams can be more realistically represented. The struts here represent the imaginary compression members of a […]

Main types of Tunneling methods

The three main types of tunneling are Cut and cover method Bored tunneling Immersed Tunneling Let’s take a look at each briefly… Cut and cover method: This is a frequently used method when the required tunnel excavation is not very deep (i.e. up to around 80 feet or so). The method involves excavating a trench […]

About Buildings

Of course when we talk about structures, the first thing that comes to our minds is the buildings, as we live in them, and we see all sorts of them around. By buildings we mean all kind of buildings that enclose an area from outside and separates it with the outside… such as residences, offices, […]

About Railroads

Railroads, in many instances can provide a more efficient way of transportation. For example, in developed countries like Europe or Japan, people can access to almost anywhere, including to or close to even small towns, with railroads and the big cities have extensive metro networks, which are also considered as railroads, from civil engineering point […]

Factors that affect planning of routes for roads

The most economical route would be a straight route, if the ground was just flat, with strong enough soil to support the road, and not obstruction, either man made or natural. That would be the best route. But unfortunately, reality is far from that. You must overcome a lot of obstacles, not only physical but […]

Working with consultants and writing RFIs

A project manager of a general contractor needs to have a working relationship with structural engineer and architect of the project. This is very important to run the project effectively and amoothly for all parties involved. For example, in almost all project specifications, it is stated that the consultants have 15 days to answer an […]

World’s largest airport is set to open soon

The third airport of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey with a population of 18 million, is set top open soon, on October 29th, 2018. The moving from the current primary Atatürk Airport to the new airport has started this week. The current Atatürk Airport is home to 70 Million Passengers a year, which is […]

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