Choosing and applying suitable grouting method

Grouting is one of the most common ground improvement methods, which can be applied in various ways for different situations. In this post we will look at grouting methods, try to explain when to chose which method and certain common issues that may be encountered.

Strut and Tie Method

This is a very useful method, which is also allowed by AASHTO or bridges and ACI 318 when designing concrete bridge and building structures respectively. By making use of this method, the stresses especially in members such as deep beams can be more realistically represented. The struts here represent the imaginary compression members of a […]

Main types of Tunneling methods

The three main types of tunneling are Let’s take a look at each briefly… Cut and cover method: This is a frequently used method when the required tunnel excavation is not very deep (i.e. up to around 80 feet or so). The method involves excavating a trench in the ground, and not boring the tunnel […]

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