Geotechnical Engineering Basics

Soil Mechanics

        Soil Phase Relationships

        Soil Classification

        Soil Strength

                        Total Stress, Effective Stress, Pore Water Pressure

                        Shear Strength of Soil

                        Lateral Earth Pressure

                                    Example  for Lateral Earth Pressure

                        Angle of Internal Friction

                                    Direct Shear Test

                                    Triaxial Test

                                    Angle of Repose

                        Cohesion of Clay

                        Bearing Strength

                        Stress Increase in Soils

                        Elastic Settlement

                        Consolidation Settlement

                        Slope Stability

                        Critical State of Soil

        Subsurface Investigation

        Soil Testing and Measurement

                        Field in-situ soil tests

                        Laboratory soil tests

        Geotechnical Reports      

        Goundwater, Dewatering, Drainage, Seepage 

                        Water Head, Hydraulic Gradient, Permeability

                        Groundwater Flow Nets

Rock Mechanics


Foundation Engineering

        Shallow Foundations   

        Deep Foundations

        Pile Capacity

        Pile Groups

        Types of Piles

        Pile installation critical items

        Ground Improvement and Foundation Repair

        Grouting Methods

        Soil Compaction Methods

        Various Ground Improvement Techniques

        Foundation Strengthening and Repair Methods (Underpinning)

        Soil Stabilization

Retaining Walls, Stabilized Slopes, Excavations

        Retaining Structures

        Example Design Steps for an Anchored Wall

        Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

        Various Types of Retaining Walls

        Stabilized Slopes

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