EMR and insurance

EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is one of the most important factors for contractor sin USA when obtaining insurance. EMR is an indicator showing the safety performance of the company, which greatly affects the premiums that the construction company must pay. This means, having a properly functioning safety process and taking proper measures to ensure a […]

Why earthquake loads are considered when analyzing beams?

We must consider earthquake loads when analyzing all members of a structural system. A structure is a whole unit, inseparable from each other. One effect on one member has effect on other members. Therefore we can not just isolate beams and say “earthquake loads are lateral so why do we analyze beams for earthquake” At […]

Here we start….

This is the first post of this site so hello to everyone who is involved in construction at least in some way… For now the site starts as an online information and news source in construction and all branches of civil engineering… The aim of this website is not only to provide news and developments […]

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