Sitework consists of the work done in the general area located outside of a structure, that complements the functionality of the structure. For example, when constructing a building, work that will go in or on the area surrounding that building all fall under sitework such as:

  • Underground utilities such as sewer and storm drain systems,
  • Earthwork and grading,
  • Asphalt or concrete paving and striping of parking areas,
  • Landscaping,
  • Site electrical,
  • Miscellaneous site equipment such as bollards, fences, gates, bike racks,
  • Site signage

Sitework also must be well coordinated not only between site activities but with the activities that involve construction of the main structure. Especially access locations and staging areas must be well planned. This plan must not be made just once, but must be modified for different phases of the work, because as job progresses, different parts of the project will be complete or under construction and the access and construction locations that will be needed will change. Temporary items such as temporary ramps, pads, access roads, erosion control are also counted part of sitework.

In the next post of this series, we will discuss “Structural Engineering”

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