Items to pay attention for pile foundation construction

Below are some general items to pay attention for pile foundation construction, that can be applicable to multiple types of piles:

  • The number of pile rigs and their performance is very critical, as everything else follows them. This is especially true for big jobsites with a lot of piles. For example a large industrial project may include as much as few thousand of piles, below all component structures of the plant. For those sites we should have at least several pile rigs working.
  • In contract terms it must be stated that whenever a pile is off location, it is the pile installing company’s responsibility to drive extra piles at the correct locations.
  • There needs to be enough accessible area on site for the pile rig to maneuver. The ground condition is also important. Pile rig is a heavy equipment so we need to make sure the soil has enough bearing strength to carry the rig, especially after heavy rains. For clay soils this can be a problem. We may need to remove clay and place sand at the top 2-3 feet or so, in order to improve soil stength.
  • Operation of pile rig must be arranged so that the pile rig (or other heavy construction equipment) will not travel over the installed piles.

  • When making schedule, we must keep in mind that the pile rig is a heavy and large equipment and therefore we will need special permit and coordination for transportation. This means approval time, and only a specific time window (usually night time of a day that they allow). Also before allowing pile equipment to leave the site, we need to make sure that all piling operations are properly finished, because once the rig is gone, it costs extra money and delay in schedule to bring it back.

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