Ground Improvement & Foundation Repair

At the start of a project, if weak soils are encountered on site, one solution is to make deep foundations. Another remedy in this case is to improve the properties of that soil so that it will become denser, stronger and more stable. There are many ground improvement methods available, but the first thing done […]

Types of Piles

Now we will list the most frequently encountered types of piles. Note that almost all pile types we will mention below are made for resisting all of the first three of the loading types we just mentioned above, which were compression, tension and lateral from its top, but some of them can also be used […]

Pile Groups

Piles are often times combined into groups, by connecting them with pile caps at their top. When grouped, piles act differently than individually. This is called group action. The piles in groups must not be too close to each other, because each pile takes support from its surrounding soil. If the piles are too close, […]

Pile Capacity

Vertical downwards loads (Compression): Pile carrying capacity for vertical downward loads, comes from two things: The frictional resistance over their side face area and Their bottom tip resistance (end bearing resistance) foundations 2 So, piles generate friction force on their side face, plus develop strength at the tip. Tip resistance is also called “end bearing” […]