Subsurface Investigation

In order to design the foundation of structures, we must have good understanding of the soil conditions. The first step to this is to perform subsurface investigation. The most reliable and preferred way for this, is to see the actual soil, by taking samples. This can be done by drilling boreholes in the ground. The […]

Critical State of Soil

This is a relatively new (in comparison to many decades old of soil mechanics theories) but very useful concept in soil mechanics. It is a topic that is analysed in advanced soil mechanics courses only, in masters level classes, but it doesn’t prevent us from at least describing it, as it is good to know […]

Slope Stability

Natural slopes tend to slide or fall to their lower side, given long enough time. Depending on the saturation degree of soil, the slope angle, overall 3D geometry, and the soil material itself, this sliding or falling can happen in very different ways and speeds, some can be very slow and virtually harmless, and some […]