Strength / Mechanics of Materials

In previous section, we dealt with external forces acting on bodies, but we didn’t care about the actual material itself. We thought about ideally rigid materials. We did not consider how strong were our materials, what happens to materials, when forces act on them, how much they deform or and at what point they break.

How much stress a material can handle with what amount of deformation is called the “Strength” of that material, which is the the subject you learn after you learn statics, a class in civil engineering with the exact title “Strength of Materials”, (also called “Mechanics of Materials”) which is also considered as one of the most fundamental classes in civil engineering study. This subject is also very important in mechanical and metallurgical engineering, because these principles are used to make not only structures but all tools and equipment and machines and vehicles or even spacecraft. Therefore understanding mechanics of materials, is useful not only for better understanding structures but all materials that we use in our life in countless ways. Here again we will show the most fundamentals.

In the next post of this series, we will introduce the term “Concept of stress”

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